1st Burrill-Ulladulla Venturer Scouts meet Thursdays 6:00pm-8:00pm during school terms.

Scouts is for children aged between 14 and 17 years 

Venturer Scouts comprise a Unit which is composed of approximately 15 Venturers.

Section Meetings are a mixture of both meetings in the Group Hall and activities away from it.  Unit Council is responsible for running of the unit.  As a Venturer Scout, youth could find themselves camping above the snow line, exploring underwater reefs, riding the wind in a high-performance land yacht, earning a pilot's licence, investigating a career in astro-physics, editing their own film, making a sculpture or climbing a sheer rock face.

The program is aimed at youth becoming self reliant by not only developing physical skills but being able to meet challenges and deal with new situations. Venturers work alongside adults who offer support and advise rather than being directed by them.
The Venturer Scout award scheme has two main awards.  The Venturing Skills Award which leads on to the Queen’s Scout Award by completing activities in four areas (Community involvement, Adventurous activities, Personal growth and Leadership development) and the Major Interest Award.

The core uniform is a dark blue shirt with the relevant youth Section colour across the sleeves, yoke and collar; a blue belt; scarf and woggle.  There are two styles available for Scouts to choose from: woven fabric button-up shirt style or knitted cotton polo shirt.  (Joey Scouts have can only wear the polo style).  Our Group has chosen to add dark blue shorts or pants, blue socks and black shoes to be worn as the formal uniform.  Scout broad brimmed hats & caps are also available to purchase.  All sections also have a “camp” uniform to wear during some activities.  See your leader for more details.

Badge Placement Venturer Uniform.pdf

Ceremonies: When the complete Unit meets in the hall, the meeting may be started with Flag Parade/Break and ended with a Flag Parade/Down. The other major ceremony is an investiture.
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