Parent Information

Joining our Scout Group

New members are always welcome to come and try before committing to joining the Group.  We ask that you complete a Y1 form on the first visit so we have your contact details and can email you a program and other relevant information.  Once a youth member decides to join and before the "investiture" ceremony, please ensure you have completed the following:

1. Confirm completion & return of Y1 form (page 1-3)

2. Attend 3-5 meetings and confirm intention to join with leaders so uniform can be ordered and date for ceremony can be programmed

3. Pay $180.00 into Group bank account (see below).  This includes: association joining fee, current term's fees, shirt, scarf, woggle, badges and youth record book

*See the "Fees" TAB for more info about ongoing fees.

Ongoing Fees

The Group sets fees which are due at the start of each term and are to be paid by direct deposit to Group’s account.  The fees are used to pay insurance, hall maintenance, leader training, consumables for activities etc.

The term fees for 2019 are: $80.00.

Fees are due before the start of each school term, info is sent out to parents periodically throughout the year as a reminder.

Parents are also required to Pay a volunteer supplement fee of $50 per term OR Volunteer for the organisation for a minimum of 5 hours per term in a range of different activities such as: (A leader, Committee Member, Parent Patrol Member or Fundraising) This fee is intended to balance the efforts of those parents who are time rich and are volunteering well beyond 5 hours per term. (Please see the Adult help TAB for more info on how you can assist as a parent)

Active Kids Rebate

You may not know that the Active Kids Rebate only covers "NSW State fees" ie $42 for Quarter 1, $42 Quarter 2, $42 Quarter 3 & $26 Quarter 4. None of this voucher comes back to the group so if the AKR voucher is redeemed the quarterly Group fee will still need to be paid each term.

Find out more about the active kids rebate here

Bank Account Details

Name: 1st Burrill-Ulladulla Sea Scouts B/S/B Number: 633000 Account No: 138583133 Ref: child’s name
Progression Between Sections (age-groups)

Youth members have a six month window to progress to the next section.  Before the "going-up" ceremony, please ensure you have completed the following:

1. Attend 3-5 meetings and confirm intention to progress with leaders so uniform can be ordered and date for ceremony can be programmed. Progression between sections is a big thing for our youth members and their parents. We will attempt to co-ordinate the ceremony with parents so they can attend and watch this important milestone.

2. Pay appropriate fee into Group bank account: - $45 Polo shirt, youth record book - $55 Polo shirt, youth record book and new set of badges (Note: $10 extra if button-shirt is required)  


Y1-Application for Youth Membership must be completed on the first visit.  Page 1 & 2 registers your child as a member of the association. Page 3 stays with the section leader and page 4 & 5 is parent info. Attachment (pages 1-9) will also be distributed for your information.

E1-Activity Notification must be completed for all outdoor overnight activities and all air/alpine/rock-related/water or other potentially dangerous activities. They may also be used for other types of activities at the discretion of the Activity Leader or District Commissioner.

We have now signed up for CareMonkey, which is an online platform for providing permission and gathering information about events requiring permission. Please ensure that you provide your correct email address on your childs enrollment to allow us to correctly setup your Caremonkey Profile.

Click the CareMonkey button below for more info and to sign up for CareMonkey
Adult Involvement

Parents are required to help by: showing interest and encouragement, providing transport, helping to raise money, giving time to participate with kids, participating in Parent Support Committee (3rd Tuesday of each month at 7.30 pm) and/or becoming a leader and/or encouraging a family member or friend to become a leader.

Scout Leaders (Scouters) are all volunteers who have an interest in developing young people’s potential. Leaders are put through a rigorous selection and training process. All potential leaders are given full police and referee checks, then supervised and trained fully before they are able to work with young people on their own.  Al leaders are required to do basic training.  It involves an introductory interview, an on-line course then only one weekend away.  To continue on and become a section Leader, you must undertake Basic and Advanced training (Wood Badge).  It includes learning the basics of Scouting, leadership, safety and program planning. All training costs are covered by the Group.

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