1st Burrill-Ulladulla Joey Scouts meet Wednesdays 5:15pm-6:15pm during school terms.

Joeys is for children aged between 5 and 8 years

Section Meetings run for 60 minutes weekly and the general guidelines for programs include nature activities, displays, finding out about themselves. Day / half day outings are encouraged.

The Joey Scouts form a Mob that is made up of no more than 20 children.  The Mob can then be broken into small groups using an ad-hoc approach. Leaders are given names from the friends of the forest in the Australian bush or Aboriginal names, for example Brolga, Bilby and Wombat.

The Program Style helps children learn to work and play in groups, mix with adults outside home and school environments, develop their physical, intellectual, social and spiritual abilities through active experiences.  The Joey Scout Promise, Law and Theme "Helping Other People" sets the direction upon which activities are based, such as telling stories which give concrete expressions of sharing, helping and caring, using action songs, exemplifying values in games, activities, crafts etc.
The Joey Scout Participation scheme has four participation badges & the Promise Challenge award.

The core uniform is a dark blue shirt with the relevant youth Section colour across the sleeves, yoke and collar; a blue belt; scarf and woggle.  There are two styles available for Scouts to choose from: woven fabric button-up shirt style or knitted cotton polo shirt.  (Joey Scouts have can only wear the polo style).  Our Group has chosen to add dark blue shorts or pants, blue socks and black shoes to be worn as the formal uniform. 

Scout broad brimmed hats & caps are also available to purchase.  All sections also have a “camp” uniform to wear during some activities.  See your leader for more details.

Badge Placement Joey Uniform.pdf

Ceremonies: There is a simple standard for the opening, closing, welcoming and going up ceremony. The opening and closing ceremonies can vary, but generally the Leader breaks the flag for the opening ceremony, the Joey Scout may salute when the flag is broken, the Joey Scout theme "help other people" will be spoken.  The Leader lowers the flag for the closing ceremony and a short prayer of thanks is used.

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